The Portrait of Sofia Karaffa-Korbut Book: She Did It


Client: “Vydavnytstvo” publishing house

Technique: ink drawing, digital coloring

She Did It is the first volume of the illustrated book series “She Did It” for children and teenagers. It was created in cooperation with more than 100 illustrators and writers, the National Democratic Institute and the Publishing House “Vydavnytstvo”.

This book is about prominent Ukrainian women who have achieved exceptional success in their fields and influenced the course of world history.

My illustration is dedicated to the eminent Ukrainian artist, representative of the Sixtiers Group, Sofia Karaffa-Korbut (August 23, 1924 – November 29, 1996).

Karaffa-Korbut started her career as a painter, graphic artist, had been working with ceramics for some time, and in the late 1950s she came back to printmaking and book graphics. About 60 books by Ukrainian and foreign writers were published with Karaffa-Korbut’s illustrations.
I was grown on her books.